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Student Apartments in Denton, TX

We are steps away from everything University of North Texas has to offer. You can sleep late and walk or bike to class, or check out your favorite hang-outs on Fry Street. With the best in off campus student living, Eagle Creek, gives you great location, great amenities and the privacy of one bedroom living.


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High school graduation seems like it was yesterday. From tassel flipping to cap tossing culminating what seemed to be the longest 4 years of your life. Now on to living life abundantly with your best friends all summer long. Staying up all night curfew free. It’s 2am on a Tuesday night and your Fortnight squad is dominating. No parents asking if you’re [...] read more »

Master Finals Week!

Finals week is approaching fast! Where did the time go, right? We know you would rather be lounging on the couch watching Westworld or hanging out with friends before summer hits, but it is time to get prepared so that you conquer your exams. Here is a list as finals week approaches so that you can ace your exams from start to finish: Create your own [...] read more »

Is April the Most Delicious Month of the Year?

April is the start of two seasons - spring and baseball! As we replace cold with newly blooming flowers we have an added bonus. April is home to some of the tastiest and fun days to celebrate! Take a look below at some special occasions we can all find a reason to enjoy. Looking for ways to relax before finals? Start planning your month around some of these [...] read more »

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